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Buying a house takes more than finding the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the right neighborhood. You don’t just need someone to help you calculate whether you can make the payments.

You need to know how the purchase will affect your future, personally and financially. You need someone whose priority is not to sell you a home. You need the City Limits Real Estate Team. We know the ins and outs of home buying and how it will impact your life because we’ve been through it ourselves.

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First Time Buyers

Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or your first time in a long time, you need someone who knows the market and has your best interest at heart. City Limits is here to guide you through every step of the process and keep you from making the mistakes that destroy your future.



You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to get your house ready. We’ll do the heavy lifting. We know the industry, the market, and most importantly potential buyers. When you work with City Limits, you can relax, knowing that your team will be with you from listing to closing and moving into your new house.



We know properties inside and out, and how to manage them. That’s why we know a good investment when we see one. Since we know the market, we can help investors like you make wise property investments.


Property Management

Maintaining your investment can be time-consuming and tedious but it doesn’t have to be. We know how to manage the daily details so that your property can bring a good return on your investment, and not become a time-soaking nightmare.

Meet Your Team

The City Limits team has all the experience you need to keep your next home purchase as a wise investment in your future. We know Colorado (We’ve worked in real estate here for the last 14 years), and we have all the connections you need to de-stress the home search process.

How We Help

No two clients are the same, that’s why we start every client off with an introductory meeting. We’ll get to know you and your needs so we know how to help you achieve your goals.

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We’ll give you advice, we’ll storyboard your ideas, and help you fill in the blanks. We love dreaming
with you.


We won’t disappear when you need us most. We are with you for every step of your journey to a successful real estate experience, no matter how long it takes.

Execution & Success

We love to look at the long-term and short-term planning, we will help you put together a plan to help
you find what you need.



“Jessica and her wonderful City Limits Team have been our go-to real estate agent & property management company in Colorado since 2008. City Limits always has our goals and dreams in mind, and we have greatly appreciated the advice on purchasing, selling, renting, and everything in between throughout the years. It has been amazing peace of mind knowing our assets are in very good hands- especially since we live out of state. City Limits has our full trust, we have purchased sight unseen with them and have a great portfolio to help us get where we want to be.”


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