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It Doesn’t Have To Be A Gamble

Whether you want the security of passive income or the freedom to do whatever you want, making wise investments is the only way to achieve your dreams. Finding that perfect property that will make you money without making you lose your mind can seem a lot like a weekend in Vegas. You may hit the jackpot and make a lot of money, or you might end up losing your shirt. It doesn’t have to be a gamble.

At City Limits, we know the ins and outs of investment properties. We know what to expect when managing them. We know a good investment when we see it. When you choose to work with City Limits, you choose a team that wants to see you succeed. We will be with you every step of the way. So whether it’s your 1st property or your 50th, you can rest assured that every box has been checked before you sign the papers.

Our Process

We will speak with you about your goals, motivation, and what you want to do with your investment such as how long are you planning on holding onto this property. This will help us find the right kind of investment property for you, whether that is a fixer-upper with rustic charm or a turn-key building with modern amenities.

Step 1

We will discuss the available funding methods so you can choose the best one. We will work with you to ensure that your choice enables you and your investments to grow.

Step 2

We like to meet our investor clients in person, even during Covid. So if we haven’t met yet, we will meet with you and begin identifying properties with good investment potential.

Step 3

Once you find and purchase your investment property, we can help guide you through managing your investment yourself as well as discuss City Limits managing your property for you. We will let you know what to expect, so maintenance issues don’t catch you by surprise.

Step 4

Let’s Talk

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