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Selling a house is complicated, which is why we focus on bringing transparency and availability to the process. Throughout the whole process of selling your home, you’ll have constant access and updates. You’ll never be in the dark as we move forward to identifying your new home and ensuring that the closing of both properties flows smoothly.

How It Works

City Limits will do a robust study of the market in your area comparing your property against all others sold in the past 6 months. We won’t leave your home’s history out of our research.

Step 1


We will assess your home with a detailed walk-through, identifying anything that needs to be fixed, de-cluttered, or reorganized to help create an amazing first-impression.

Step 2


We will gather all necessary information for listing your property so we can ensure that when offers come in, all the information and receipts buyers would ask for at disclosure are prepared ahead of time.

Step 3


We will set up a professional photo session so any listings showcase your home’s beauty and functionality.

Step 4


We will list your home in all the right spots. If possible, we will show your house to our internal contact list of potential buyers. (75% of the time we can get your home sold without it ever having to be on the market.)

Step 5


Once we have a contract, we’ll take a moment to celebrate with you and have a mini dance party. Then we will get ready to negotiate and secure the details.

Step 6


Pack your bags! You’re being upgraded to your new home!

Step 7


“City Limits has been awesome to work with! They recently helped me sell my investment property, which they managed since 2015, as well as my own home I lived in. The process was smooth and painless. Any question I had was promptly answered, and a lot were answered before I even asked. The support we were offered throughout the years and even after selling our houses is unmatched.”

Jenelle S

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